10th Anniversary Recommendations?
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Help me make this an awesome 10 year anniversary! Asking for ideas for a relaxing vacation this fall.

My wife and I have been through a lot (self-link is only part of the drama) and this year's our tenth anniversary. We had one great trip to Amsterdam a few years ago, which we enjoyed thoroughly (and thank you MeFi for the suggestions) and have no need to top. This vacation will be stateside.

The criteria: somewhere near the water, not too touristy, not too expensive ($200/night for two), and QUIET. Pluses: good restaurants. Not crazy about renting a car, but given the criteria, I understand. We've looked at Georgia, South Carolina, etc, but don't really know where to narrow our search. Oregon, Maine, New Mexico or Florida are all on the table. We'll stay for 4-5 days. Dates would be late Sept through mid November. Granted, that's not swimming weather -- we've just found water-based areas to be more serene and calm. Other than restaurants, museums/galleries/architecture/historical sites are of interest as well. That said, a beachfront cabin with cable ten feet from an awesome barbecue joint is totally acceptable too.

Oh, and she's getting a nice diamond ring. I'm not that cheap. My wife is absolutely awesome.
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Savannah and Charleston are both lovely. I'd go for Savannah first. Fall is a great time of year to go, as it's not too hot. There are lovely B&Bs all over Savannah, and you could probably get some reasonable rates. Those aren't exactly beachfront destinations, but you could get out to the beach from either place quite easily. But both are loaded with interesting stuff to do. They can feel touristy, but, eh, both are so charming you might not mind.

St. Augustine, Florida is also quite lovely.

As for Oregon: the coast is great, but there are big cities on the coast, and so you'd be doing more watching the sea/walking the beach in the rain or going on hikes to huge trees. Canon Beach is quite charming, and in the off-season, you can probably find a beachfront hotel for the rate you want. The Oregon coast can feel very touristy in the summer, but I think you'll be fine that time of year.

Happy Anniversary!
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There's people on here who can sing its praises better than me, but I recommend Portland, Maine. Tons of great restaurants, cute little shops, on a harbor, art and maritime museums. If you stay downtown, it's fairly walkable, and I would imagine a hotel would have an airport shuttle. It's starting to supplant Burlington as my favorite smaller New England city.

Congrats on 10 years! We went to Disneyworld for our 10th. :)
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Did you look at Jekyll Island in Georgia? I haven't stayed at the Jekyll Island club, but I worked on a nearby island for a few years and took a few day trips there to look at the mansions. Beautiful and quiet.

There aren't too many restaurants on Jekyll, but nearby St. Simons Island has a larger population and more galleries, shops, bars and restaurants.
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Portland, Maine might be just the ticket! You could fly into Boston and take a train there, and you really don't need the car. I've stayed here (the nicest B&B I've ever been to - very beautiful and romantic, amazing staff, delicious breakfasts) - which has rooms <200 and is within walking distance to everywhere downtown. It's a small town, but very hip - loads of cool indie shops and all kinds of dining options. Maine is gorgeous anyway, but never more than in the fall.
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It's not stateside, but Bermuda is nice - no need for a car, lots of nice restaurants and shops, plus ferries and buses to go 'round. You'll feel like you've gotten away but it's easy to get to and easy to navigate. I was there in October and it was lovely.

Of course, as a Mainer, I third Portland. It's easy to take a ferry to an island for lunch or an afternoon. We've got a very nice art museum. And more restaurants and bakeries than you could possible sample in 4 days. October is the best time to be here. You might want a car for a day or two to venture outside Portland - to Bath or Sebago Lake or Freeport or Old Orchard Beach - or plan to go to the Freyburg Fair!
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I second Charleston - and look towards the Kiawah Island / Seabrook area, which may be affordable in the off-season. I just know they're nice to visit. I was able to stay with a generous friend.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far. If anyone's got any favorite vacation spots (I threw New Mexico and Maine etc in there just to show we weren't tied to Georgia -- should've been clearer) in the US that might fit the bill, feel free to throw those in the ring too. We're not sure where to start.

Thanks again for taking the time, everybody!
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Fourthing Charleston.

Went there for a few days last November after working 2.5 cold, miserable months straight at a cold, miserable nighttime job. The transition was....cathartic. Charleston is amazing. Calm, good food, pretty views, and gorgeous weather (especially compared to the north during that time of year). I'd live there if only the region had an actual economy -- it's like a slice of Europe and California somehow managed to slip into the East Coast.

Oh, and I called back home to quit the aforementioned cold, miserable nighttime job while I was there. Life's too short to be cold and miserable all the time.
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We did our tenth anniversary trip in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. (Granted it was July, and warmer.)

Maine is lovely that time of year, though getting on to being chilly -- but hey, and excuse to sit a little closer to your date! :7)

Boothbay Harbor itself is a little seasonal, so you may want a different town. We were at the Topside Inn (www.topsideinn.com), which was really, really nice. Contact the proprietors and ask their opinion of the weather for your dates: they relocated from D.C. some years ago.
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