Where can I get Lebanon bologna on the West Coast?
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Where can I get Lebanon bologna on the West Coast? Extra points for freshly-made purveyors around San Francisco and really good home recipes.

I spent a good chunk of my childhood growing up in Berks County and every time I go back I eat a ton of Lebanon bologna -- the normal kind, not that sacrilegious sweet nonsense. Sadly, this is only once or twice a year. When I lived in DC it available at many grocery stores, but I haven't seen it at all in the San Francisco area. I'm aware of Dittmer's in Mountain View, but they don't carry it as far as I can tell.

Are there any sources that might carry it that I'm not aware of? Alternatively, excellent homemade recipes would be something

Double-extra bonus points for other delightful German delis; the other part of my childhood was spent in Munich so I'm a huge fan of sausage of all stripes. I would kill for a good source of landjäger and weisswurst in the city. I do know Rosamunde.
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Man, I love Lebanon bologna. Seltzer's is a good brand -- not sure if any of these purveyors are near you, but it's a good starting place: http://www.seltzerslebanonbologna.com/where.asp
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Search this site under "California."
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I live in VA, and it's available in my Wal-Mart in the packaged deli meat section (Seltzer's brand, I think). Maybe try there? Or, alternatively, try any of these locations.
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Haha, three comments, three links to the same page. Nice!
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My dad was just visiting me in Seattle from Harrisburg, and we had this very conversation. Luckily for me he is willing to mail me some. Good luck and maybe let us know if you have success. I will favorite pending a successful answer.
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Sorry, online only, but you can get your bologna on via Godshall's (formerly known as Weaver's).
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OHenryPacey, I haven't been there yet, but I hear that Dietrich's has some smokin' good Lebanon bologna. It's not far from 78, so it shouldn't be a bad drive from Harrisburg.
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Response by poster: The locations on Seltzer's website are generally large chain grocery stores and I've never seen any Lebanon bologna at any of the Albertsons, Safeways, Mollie Stones, or Vons that I've been to. I'll keep my eye open.
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I have found lebanon bologna in Albertsons/Lucky's but it varies from store to store which ones stock it. Maybe call around to the deli departments?
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Try the deli Folks at Andronico's. Not in the city, but an accessible part of the East Bay so worth a try.
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