Help me remember math!
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I'm taking a calc-based physics class as well as a calculus class. The last time I took a math class was 5 years ago and I would love some refresher resources - or even better, an intensive algebra-trig-precalc course. Are there any online or in the DC area?

I'm thinking about going back to school for engineering and to start that process I'm taking a Physics and Calc course at my local community college this term. Unfortunately, it has been a long, long time since I've done any serious math.

A friend of mine took a "Head Start Calculus" course at Portland State University and it sounds exactly like what I need - it was a two week intensive course that covered algebra, geometry, trig, and pre-calc as a refresher for students who have taken those courses in the past.

Is there anything like this that I could take as an online course or at another local school in the DC area? It doesn't appear that NOVA (where I'm going) offers something like this, but I may have missed it.

I'm planning on sitting through most of the Kahn Academy's videos on these subjects, but I'd really prefer a structured course.

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Khan Academy has tons of alegbra/calc problems on video lecture, many are keyed to open source textbooks.
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reading fail. just kidding.
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Response by poster: No worries, at least you spelled Khan correctly, which is more than I was able to do! I also didn't realized they were keyed to open source textbooks - that's really cool and should help, though I'd still like something with more structure.
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Best answer: You want the fabulous Paul's Online Maths Notes!
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Best answer: 2nding Khan's Academy. It was very helpful when I went back to CalcII after being out of school for 13 years. What really helped me out were Steve Banner's Calculus Lifesaver videos (iTunes).

I watched pretty much all of Banner's video before my tests and managed to pull up a failing grade by the end of the semester. Highly recommend.

There was a post on the blue a while back as well.
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Best answer: If you want structure, use Khan Academy's testing modules. The old one makes you start with addition and "unlock" things as you go, the new one I think lets you skip stuff if you want.
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Best answer: Here's a free college algebra textbook:

Stitz and Zeager
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Does USDA offer anything helpful?
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Best answer: I recommend Thinkwell, which is a video course (either online or CD-ROM) comprised of short mini-lessons. Samples can be viewed on YouTube.
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Best answer: If you work through the Algebra and Trigonometry Refresher for Calculus Students you will be prepared for whatever Calc I throws at you.
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