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I recently discovered, a great tool for installing new applications on a machine hands free. That was perfect for setting up a new PC. Now I want to clean up an old PC. Is there a tool that does the opposite of ninite? I want a list of all my installed application on my PC, and a 1 click button to uninstall all checked applications, handsfree.

Crossing my fingers :)
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PC Decrapifier lets you launch multiple uninstalls at once. Each individual uninstall routine still has the potential to stop and wait for user input ("Are you SURE you want to go without this lovely toolbar?"), so you still have to drop by every so often to say, "Yes." But it's faster than the Windows Add and Remove Programs utility.
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PC Decrapifier might cover you.

Though, it is designed for more of a "new" computer situation.
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really, the best way to do this would be a fresh OS install, followed b an ninite like solution to put the apps you actually want back on the new PC.
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Revo Uninstaller is pretty fast, painfree and thorough, even the free version without all the bells and whistles. Non exactly one-click, but I don't think you'll find that anywhere anyway.
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You can even install Revo with Ninite.
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