Does Germany have its own LinkedIn?
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Does Germany have its own LinkedIn? Is there a strong professional social networking community in Germany apart from LinkedIn, in the way France has viadeo? China and Japan are also of interest, but I care most about Germany. For the sake of future readers, other countries are welcome. Does not have to be in English.
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In Japan, it is probably Mixi. It is Japanese facebook with blogging rather than LinkedIn though.
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Yeah, I know Mixi, but does anyone use it for jobs? posting their CVs, etc? I am specifically interested in professional-social networks, not social-social ones.
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Xing is a German company, and what all my German colleagues use (as well as LinkedIn).
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cmonkey has it.
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All my German colleagues are on Xing too. It's a Very Big Things there, and it allows to put titles and diplomas everywhere (LinkedIn does not focus on that), which is a social must in Germany.
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Xing indeed helped me find German people, and with a lot more granularity than what LinkedIn could give me. In addition, when you register on Xing, you get a week of free premium account privileges.
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