How can I watch Champions League soccer matches?
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Where/how can I watch UEFA Champions League soccer matches?

I'd like to watch most if not all (with recordings) of the Champions League soccer matches. I have Comcast cable for my ISP, so could/would probably order a package for the next month if that is what I needed to do. Is there a way to watch these online? Through Comcast? Some other way?

Side question: how could I watch, also, MLS, Bundesliga, Premier League, or other foreign soccer leagues/matches?

If it matters, I live in the US (MA). Thanks!
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I've been watching UEFA stuff online here for about $75/year (replay option) for a couple of years. Haven't had a problem. Watch whenever I want.
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Probably Fox Soccer Channel. Comcast usually sells it in some generic "all the rest of the sports channels" pack.
posted by smackfu at 7:48 PM on September 1, 2010 has a pretty solid selection of games and they will provide access to you via your comcast account login. You can always spring for FSC and Setanta if comcast has it (I know FiOS does).
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Yeah, Fox Soccer Channel has Champions League matches (and I believe ESPN2 also broadcasts some). Both FSC and ESPN/ESPN2 also show MLS and EPL matches (and FSC'll get you Serie A, some Argentinian soccer, and the occasional Ligue 1 match too). GolTV shows Bundesliga and La Liga, as well as Brazilian, Colombian, and Ecuadorian (!) league matches.

I have Comcast too, and got a single package that got me both FSC and GolTV. It's not terribly cheap, but I rarely want for soccer on TV.
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I have Comcast too, and got a single package that got me both FSC and GolTV. It's not terribly cheap, but I rarely want for soccer on TV.

Yep, the sports package has those (plus a bunch of others, like the NFL network and stuff). It's 5 or 6 bucks a month.
posted by inigo2 at 8:51 PM on September 1, 2010 is free with your Comcast as Hurst said, will cover you for a decent amount of them (they also let you replay games for I believe the next 30 days so if you aren't around for the live match that's helpful). I've been watching Bundasliga games there this past week, one had a single British commentator, but one strangely had no commentator at all (I would have preferred to hear and not understand the German actually, if only because he'd say the name of the player with the ball). Not sure what they'll have for Champion's league matches, but they have some Bundasliga, La Liga, MLS, and Serie A, as well as random international friendlies.
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Looking at the next 30 days on espn3 I also see some Eredivisie, English Premiere League, Portuguese League, and Euro 2012 Qualifiers (tonsssss of these).
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I'm also in MA and have the Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV package. The CL is on FSC. You will have football coming out of your ears with this combo, plus the free ESPN coverage as well. And then ESPN3 online.

I'd be slightly concerned that this year, Fox could put some of their CL coverage on their other channel, Fox Soccer Plus. This channel comes out of the ashes and the rights of the defunct Setanta Sports channel in the U.S. I don't think you can get that on Comcast in MA. In fact last I looked it was only on satellite. Equally, it doesn't seem possible yet to get the HD version of FSC in MA. I will be happy to be corrected on all these points, obviously.
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