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I am looking for a service that will deliver email notifications of new blog posts, but they need to be delivered within one hour of posting. Feedburner and Mail Chimp, for example, only send out notifications once a day.

So I have a client who has a long list of email subscribers to their blog. They write time sensitive posts, and need the subscribers to be notified within one hour of posting. Services like Feedburner and Mail Chimp only send out notifications once a day. I am willing to pay for a reliable service that meets my needs.
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I think will do this.
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Could you do it the other way around? For example, WordPress will let you post via email. You could simply add that address as the first one on your MailChimp list, and then the new post will go to the email list at the same time it gets posted to the blog. Just a thought...
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This is exactly what RSS was designed to solve. Perhaps gentle admonishments to use the RSS feed instead?

Also, an automatic blog post forwarding service to a list of email addresses sounds like a spam bomb waiting to happen.
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If you're on Wordpress, there are plugins that will send out emails when you publish a post.
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There are RSS-to-email tools out there. I haven't used any of them. Also, if you can chime in with the blog platform, there may be a specific plugin that will meet your needs.
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Response by poster: Blog platform is Movable Type 4. Using RSS instead of email is the best solution, but not an option. Thanks for the answers so far!
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The MailChimp API should let you send a campaign immediately, (I just made sure, it does). You'd have to write your own module that does it (or pay someone else to), but it shouldn't be too hard.
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