On Keeping Secrets... help me find it!
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Help me find a speech on secrecy introducing the experience of having high clearance. It was an excerpt from a book, and was a speech given from someone who already had clearance to a state official who was about to gain such clearance. Involved how one's attitude changes over time. I think I saw it on boingboing or kottke but my google-fu is failing so far.

Involved preparing the state official for "life with clearance," when he would know others don't, make decisions based on different sets of facts and therefore hard to understand for most people etc. The excerpt was short, to the point and quite poignant.
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Yes, I saw this too, within the last few months. The point, as I remember it, was that your opinions about how decisions are made changes drastically when you start to understand the wide range of information that the decision-makers have *and you haven't* (yet).
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Response by poster: Anyone with a link?
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Aaaaand...aha. Found on Kottke, thanks to anastasiav.
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Response by poster: Yes, thank you, anastasiav!

For some reason site:kottke secret clearance does not produce this result. How did you find it?
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How did you find it?

I remembered that the quote was about Kissenger and Google did the rest of the work for me. I didn't find it via Kottke, I think I read the original Mother Jones (maybe via here, actually).
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And I googled ellsberg site:kottke.org.

Results for "secret"or "security" plus kottke.org in the last year produce the Ellsberg article, but "clearance" doesn't. Go figure.
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