Minimal gongs - I need them
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Minimal gong-filter: Help me find an elusive recording!

I'm trying to find either a high quality download (pref. FLAC, but 320+ would be OK) or a CD of Peter Winkler's 1965 performance of La Monte Young's "Forty-Two for Henry Flynt".

Emails to Other Minds have gone unanswered, and I've scoured the blogs. This was, apparently, "a favorite of KPFA Radio listeners for several generations", so I'm hoping someone out there has a lead.
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Email La Monte Young? He's a nice guy. Especially for that era. :) The contact info for his foundation (him and his wife, visual artist Marian Zazeela) is at
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Response by poster: kalapierson: I've heard a lot of words used to describe La Monte Young, but "nice" isn't one of them - he's notoriously stingy with the release (in any form) of his music, apparently. I'll give this a shot, though, since nothing else has panned out!
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Just in case you didn't think of this already, there's a contact link ("let us know") on the avantgardeproject's front page -- they might have research advice, given their specialization in just such things.

And now you've heard LMY described as nice at least once, based on the limited interactions I've had with him. :) I guess all those real experimentalists have developed different ways of responding to a world that doesn't extend a lot of respect or open ears to them... he can be protective, but I hope he responded to you.
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