I needs me a camera!
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Where's the best place to buy a digital camera in Berlin?

My digital camera was stolen recently, and as I'm about to begin some extensive travel I've decided to pony up the cash to replace it. I'm in Berlin for a couple of days and would like to purchase it here, so I'm looking for recommendations of where to go. I'm in the market for a compact digital, at the lower end of the price range.
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There's a MediaMarkt (or is it Saturn?) - think Best Buy but less annoying - in the Alexa shopping center, right next to the Alexanderplatz U/S-Bahn station. I don't think they'd have a lower price than German Amazon, but they'll have a larger selection than, I think, many smaller camera shops.
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I went to that shop when I went to Berlin a few months ago, and I think it is in fact a Saturn. It seemed to have a fairly extensive range of cameras, so it seems a good place to try.
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