Buried Alive in Ancient Egypt - Can you name the Movie
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Moviefilter: My wife is trying to identify a movie she watched years ago about ancient Egypt where slaves try to escape from being buried alive with the pharaoh (or other persons of great stature).

Yes, that pretty much summarizes half of all ancient Egypt movies out there. She is not giving me much to work with, but she says that the movie had quite vivid scenes about slaves being buried alive and also that a few slaves trying to escape is the primary theme, not just a peripheral story in the movie.

My search capabilities (nor my memory) do not bring up anything. She says that she'll remember it once she sees the name/plot, so I'll be showing the IMDB pages of any movies you name here to her to see if we can get a hit...

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: There's a list of films featuring ancient Egypt here.

Can you narrow the relevant years at all?
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I remember watching a movie like this when I was quite young, probably 1979 or possibly before. I always thought Lee Majors was in it, but I have never seen anything similar in his credits. I remember the big dramatic scene was when the pharaoh's sarcophagus slides down a shaft with glass bulbs on the top of the shaft, and as it passes each bulb it breaks and the shaft fills up with sand. Does this sound familiar to her?
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Best answer: Was it Land of the Pharaohs?
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Land of the Pharaohs would be my first choice too.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the responses so far.

Sutekh, thanks for the link to the list. If Land of the Pharaohs is not it, that link gives a quite manageable list of movies for her to go through.

She thinks it was a 70s or the 80s, but I would not be surprised if it was an earlier movie. It definitely is not a newer movie though.

Yorrick, I'll ask her. She'll be home in an hour or so.
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I recall that Joan Collins was the only person unwilling to face death (in the pyramid) in Land of the Pharaohs. The priest with their tongues cut out, standing in silence during JC's freakout gave me nightmares as a kid. The ostrich eggs filled with sand trick was also pretty darn wonderfully horrible. Not really helpful, I know.
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Response by poster: Wifey has confirmed that the movie she was looking for was indeed Land of the Pharaohs. Thank you for all the responses.
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