Yiddish radio suggestions
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Yiddish radio resources for my sight-impaired grandmother..

My grandmother was born in 1923 and emigrated to New York in 1950 after the War. Now her sight is failing and she's kind of lacking for stimulation. I asked her if there was any Yiddish radio she used to listen to and she said she used to like A bindtle brief when she was in New York (1950-1960 or so). Any way to get some of this content to her to see if she still might like it? Any particular suggestions for a first show to get her hooked? If it's *really* good, she might start a habit of listening. If not, she will likely never give it another shot. Hebrew radio would also be ok.

If she does like it, any suggestions as to an extremely extremely simple interface we could set up for her? (no mouse, something like on/off and maybe change tracks)
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The Forward Hour, which you can listen to online, comes out every week.
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The Yiddish Radio Project has some vintage goodies.
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As for the interface, maybe a Chumby?
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Seconding the Yiddish Radio Project! After playing it at our radio station, I bought my dad Music From The Yiddish Radio Project a few years ago and he adored it. It may be his favorite present that I've given him. Several of the songs on it are songs sang when I was growing up, and it turned out he knew more than half of the songs on the album. He was also pretty excited about the old ads for shops on the Lower East Side.
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If you can find something online that streams 24/7, she might be a good candidate for a radio that streams internet audio and has presets -- press one button and you're on.
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I'd like to suggest that you contact the Yiddish Book Center where they may be able to help you find someone who can speak Yiddish who could hang out with your grandmother.

They also have a store and sell a small number of CDs.

Disclosure: I know people involved with the Yiddish Book Center.

Also, any local college or Yeshiva that teaches Yiddish can probably help out.
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