How do I build an iphone app for my podcast?
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How do I build an iphone app for my podcast? I want to include the podcast feed, youtube video feed, twitter feed, feedback form and phone number link. (Criteria: must use free tools only, no ads, easy for non-programmer with some CSS/HTML experience, retain ownership and complete control. Bonus points for easy port to Android)
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PhoneGap can do those things, but you have to know at least some programming. You're going to be hard-up for finding a solution that doesn't involve at least a bare minimum of coding. If it were so easy that any non-coder could do it, the world would be drowning in fart apps.
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Response by poster: But it is isn't it?

Thanks for the suggestion, I not afraid of getting my hands a little dirty, just looking for the quickest easiest path to app-iness. #terrible
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You probably don't need a full-fledged app for iOS, but you could easily and quickly build an iOS web app. Basically it's a web page with a few extra hooks allowing it to be installed on your iPhone, iPad, etc. instead of just browsed through Safari.

As an added benefit, you can distributed web apps directly without going through the app store approvals process.
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Response by poster: Yeah I considered that but it would be nice to retain the ability to charge for the app in order to monetize the podcast a bit. I imagine there might be ways of wrapping a webapp to turn it into a full-fledged app?
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Short answer: you can't, given your criteria.

The world is drowning in fart apps, sure, but they are all created by people who can write Objective-C code. If you don't want to learn Obj-C, you have three choices: create a free web app with HTML5, learn how to get PhoneGap running (which may take you several days) and make a paid app with it, or hire someone to make an app for you.

Given that you seem to be averse to coding and want to make some money, you should consider hiring someone.
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