Trees, Bees and Butterflies.
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Are borer bees killing my beech tree?

I have a beautiful beech tree. A few weeks ago my yard was filled with a sweet, rotting fragrance. Last night I discoverer it was from the beech tree leaking sap down its trunk. Butterflies gathering there is what made me look. There are holes form borer bees, sawdust all over the sides of the trees. Will my beautiful tree die, is there anything I can do?
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The Georgia Department of Agriculture is responsible for monitoring and controlling plant pests and diseases. I would get in touch right away, as they'll want to know about your infestation and may want to cut down the tree to prevent it from spreading. Then again, they may have resources to fight the infection or kill the pest.

Either way, get in touch right away.
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take a good look...see any of these at the scene of the crime?

Selected images for beech borer (Goes pulverulentus ):

a certified arborist ()can help you make the call on whether the tree is resiliant enough to outgrow the invasion.
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oops, guess i don't know how to link a link. here they are:
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