Looking for old black and white cartoon featuring a battle between the happy people and the sad people.
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Boomers! Does anyone remember an old black and white cartoon I saw in the early 1950s featuring a battle between the happy guys and the sad guys?

I remember the happy guys captured sunlight and put it into milk bottles which they used as "bombs". If one of these milk bombs hit the sad guy it turned him happy. The sad guys had something dark in a pump spray container that would turn the happy guys sad.
Each side had a song. The happy guys sang "Sunshine, sunshine. I just love the good old golden sunshine. (next line I forget)." The bad guys sang "We're happy when we're sad. We're always feeling bad. How are you? Terrible! That's good. We're happy when we're sad." I don't recall any other dialogue but the singing.
I'm pretty sure by the end everyone was happy.
I'd love to have a copy of this little cartoon.
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Got Google? :D
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Sorry, here is the correct item on Amazon.

Mudcat is great, but it ain't MeFi ;)
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Best answer: Bouncing off, KMH, here is "The Sunshine Makers," downloadable for free through archive.org.
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Yes. The Sunshine Makers (YouTube for instant gratification) is definitely it. For years I have quoted/sung "I don't wanna be happy. I wanna be sad. . . I wanna be happy and glad! And never again be sad!" from the end of the movie only to get blank stares and nervous backing away from anyone around. Whatever tv channel I watched in the mornings in the late 70s played it all the time and I always expect everyone else to remember it as well as I do.
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Response by poster: Many thanks to KMH for the link.
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Thanks for the best answer, sugarbx19; I hope you'll give one to KMH as well! (You can mark more than one response as best answer, and KMH did the yeoman's work on this question.) I'm glad that your mystery is solved!
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Oh man!! Because of this question I just found a few GREAT cartoons on DVD that I've been searching for for ages!!!

sugarbx19, you have NO idea how glad I am that you asked this question, and I'd especially like to thank MonkeyToes for his/her reply because that was the link that led me to a link with the toons I've been searching for!!! Yay!
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