London Tube buttons?
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Does the London Underground have an equivalent souvenir product to the Toronto subway buttons?

...or even any kind of small station-logo knick-knack kind of gift? It's a long story, but there is some terrific gag-gift potential here, and I'm not having a lot of luck poking around online.

For bonus points, shipping to Canada without costing an arm and a leg would be great.
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Yes for knick-knacks; no for an exact parallel from the official source (though there's this) and postage to Canada is pretty reasonable. The "mind the quack" duck may be your friend.

Were you searching for "buttons" and not "badges"?
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Best answer: If you're after station names, not generic Underground stuff. Gridskipper from 2006 points to this Etsy seller who makes badges from actual Underground maps, so that might be worth a try.
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Response by poster: I am definitely after station names. Thank you for clarifying the button/badge distinction, too.
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If you want to have some buttons made custom, that's my specialty. In Toronto, MeMail me if you're interested.
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You won't find official ones easily but souvenir shops around here sell similar badges.
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This site has some 'original' badges - not cheap.

I would suggest its the roundel logo which is the more famous symbol associated with the underground though.
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This site has some 'original' badges - not cheap.

Those aren't so much badges as the official tie pins that train conductors, station workers, etc wear as part of their uniform, surely. You can usually pick up cheaper ones at model railway shows and the like - there must be other places online where the same dealers would supply them, too.
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