Lady Gaga concert recordings?
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Are there any professional-quality recordings of Lady Gaga live performances?

I've been searching YouTube and can't find anything that's not in shakycam.
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I don't know that this is professional, but it's definitely not shakycam. Reasonably high-res, many angles, etc.
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Are you looking only for concerts, or anything live?
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Shoot, Perplexity. If that isn't (a low-res YouTube version of) a profession production, I don't know what is.

LSK: there are a few DVDs, if you don't mind non YouTube sources.
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AOL Sessions (6 songs)

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European festival shows are usually the best source, since they tend to get broadcast live on TV in the UK and then people cap them.

For instance, from VFest 2009:
Poker Face

Palladia (MTV's HD channel) also has a lot of live concert videos and quite a bit of Gaga.
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