Dimly remembered creepy movie
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I'm trying to remember a movie in which a woman was chained to a wall or ceiling, and an unattractive bald or blond man approached her with a worm-looking growth emerging from his forehead toward her face. What is the movie?

This would have been 1992 or earlier. It was a movie playing on the television screens at a Price Club (definitely pre-Costco), so it can't have been too horrific. The actors were in a very bright, possibly all-white room. The woman had some room to try to get away from the worm-like growth, but I think the chains were relatively long; her hands were chained at shoulder-length or higher. This scene is the only part I remember, however.

Unfortunate caveat: I would have been a very young child here, so it's entirely possible this was a made-up nightmare that has for some reason stuck with me. I totally had nightmares about said movie for years afterward.
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Best answer: From Beyond?
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I should have warned - the scene I linked to is kind of gross. The girl bites the worm and there's blood.
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I don't remember this exact scene, but could it be the same movie that gave me such horrific fucking nightmares as a kid, From Beyond? This was '86.

There were definitely worms sprouting from heads, anyway. You can see the trailer on youtube to see if the wormy heads seem right.
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If it isn't From Beyond then I am a horse.
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From Beyond is the only movie I know of that involves someone chomping an angry and tentacular pineal gland, so if it's not it, then I'm a horse's pituitary gland.
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Response by poster: I think that's it! It's such a relief that it's not just a product of my subconscious!
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I'm in after the real answer, but if you want a similar scene from a newer movie, Slither would fit the bill.
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