Can somone help me get a PS3 connected to the internet
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Help me get my friends PS3 to properly connect to the internet.

I have been trying to help my friend connect his PS3 to the internet but with little luck. It does connect, but is on a NAT 3 connection. This setting does not let us go online with some games. I am not sure if this NAT 3 connection is the problem but it seems to be the reason it does not connect properly. I have searched online and no luck there. Hopefully someone can help me out.
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This talks about disabling UPnP on the PS3, but enabling it on the router. Tried that?
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There are setup pages out there that describe putting the PS3 in a DMZ and forwarding a bunch of ports, but I can't recall the settings offhand.

OTOH, my experience with PSN is that it's kinda flaky.
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If you were trying to do this today, PSN was down for maintenance.

Looking around the forum, you might need to forward your ports on your router. Does NAT 3 really matter? This link is from the same place King Bee cited.
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Based on the fact that you are describing limited connectivity, where is was sort of working, but not completely suggests that you were seeing issues with the PSN more than with the connection itself. That said, here are a few things to look for:

Is your friend using a router, or plugging the PS3 directly into the modem? It makes a difference, because most modems will remember the last piece of equipment they were plugged into, and need to be power cycled if you are switching between a PC and something else.

Assuming that a router is being used, make sure the PS3 is set to use DHCP, and that there aren't any static IPs being specified.

The PS3 also has two ways of connecting: through ethernet and through WiFi, so if all else fails, you may want to see if one connection works better than the others.

DMZ is a good idea for testing whether or not port-forwarding will be required, but to be honest, I've never had any issues or had to open up any ports specifically for the PS3 to function. It really is designed to plug in and just work.
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