How to get wrinkles out of shrink to fit jeans?
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How to get wrinkles out of shrink to fit jeans?

First time buying shrink to fit jeans. I did the shrink but I wrung them out before hanging to air dry. It looks like th wring put in some wrinkles I cant get out. I've tried ironing and re-shrinking but they wont come out. This were raw jean, no wrinkle or wear effects when I bought them.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get the wrinkles out?
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Wash with fabric softener.
Damp dry.
Iron hot.
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If they're shrink-to-fit, then they're going to be a reasonably tight (or at least well-fitted) jean anyway. Assuming they didn't leach color along the wrinkles, just let them dry and wear them around the house a little until they unwrinkle.
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Wearing them should get out the unnecessary wrinkles, as well as put the real "wear" ones you want in.

For STF jeans, I believe the process is that they're supposed to shrink to size while you are wearing them. Thus people are wearing them in the shower and then going outside in the sun and walking around, or wading into the ocean.

If you just hit them with hot water and then let them dry naturally, they're not shrinking to fit; they're just shrinking.
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Mr. SLC wears nothing but shrink to fit. It takes two or three rounds through the washer and dryer before they loosen up enough to become wearable.
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