Where can I go for a great view of the New York (Manhattan) skyline?
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Where can I go for a great view of the New York (Manhattan) skyline?

I'm looking for a free, not too loud, hopefully not too touristy place to relax with a couple friends or my girlfriend at night. It doesn't have to be a phenomenal view or anything--just someplace with a clear, unobstructed view.
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The Promenade in Brooklyn Heights.
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The Jersey City waterfront
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5th Street pier in Williamsburg is pretty good, too.
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The rooftop garden of the Metropolitan Museum of art on Friday or Saturday (when it stays open until 9pm).
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SI ferry.
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Long Island City's Gantry State Park is pretty darn nice for this.
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Hamilton Park in Weehawken. Here's a video of the view.
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Nthing Staten Island ferry. It's free and the view is nice both ways -- and you can buy (admittedly cheap and crappy) beer and (decent) pretzels.
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Williamsburg or Greenpoint waterfront.
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Statue of Liberty Island
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+1 on the Jersey City waterfront. Where are you coming from, and is this weekday or weekend?

On weekdays, I really like the ferry from World Financial Center to Colgate/Paulus Hook. That puts you right on the Hudson River waterfront walkway, which is a very nice wide brick walkway with benches, etc.

Cheaper alternative is to take the PATH train from WTC 1 stop to Exchange Place. Comes out right near where the Paulus Hook ferry terminal is.

Near the Exchange Place stop is a pier that sticks out into the waterfront near the Hyatt, has lots of picnic tables and so forth, but it's usually really busy. You can walk out to the end of the Hyatt and there's a nice area out at the end of that, as well.

Going further north, just past the apartment buildings one pier up, there's a little area with trees and granite seats that I really like. The waterfront walkway runs all the way north into hoboken - and then continues north from Hoboken into Weehawken.

If you take the PATH into Hoboken (or walk up from Jersey City), there's a large pier with a park on it (Frank Sinantra Park??) which also very nice.
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The new Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 and/or the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.
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Ditto Williamsburg/Greenpoint waterfront. The Promenade only gives you a view of downtown Manhattan, not the entire skyline. Also driving on the BQE around Williamsburg/Greenpoint is a great view, especially from the Kosciusco (sp?) bridge.
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The center of the Pulaski Bridge, which can be reached by going north on McGuinness Boulevard from Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Long Island City, Queens. It is my favorite walk. It is my favorite place in the whole city. I love it so much. Try it.
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Stevens Institute in Hoboken, or the high point on Staten Island (can't remember the name of the hill -- help me green). Both share the distinct characteristic of being higher than ground level -- which makes a dramatic difference in the view.
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Nthing Weehawken, especially most of Boulevard East as it is up on a cliff yet still basically on the waterfront. I see the skyline every day on my way to school :)
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Another vote for the Staten Island ferry.
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Response by poster: You're all lovely, lovely people. Thank you so much for all these answers! I now have a lot of exploring to do...:)
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Staten Island Ferry is awesome. I have been to Manhattan once visiting, we went across Brooklyn Bridge and went down next to the river and that view of Manhattan is really pretty at night.
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