Microcinemas in Berlin, Glasgow and London
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I have the opportunity this October to travel to three cities in Europe (Glasgow, London and Berlin) and am searching for microcinemas or arts organizations in these three cities that might be interested in hosting a screening of shorts by NW experimental filmmakers and video artists. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thx

I'm part of a small microcinema and experimental media community in Portland, OR called Grand Detour. We do presentation based screenings to give new media artists a chance to not only screen their work, but to bring pieces full circle conceptually through discussions of process, influence, and lessons learned.

The program we have assembled is a best-of drawing from our Summer Screening Series where we gave some of the Northwest's best experimental filmmakers and video artists a chance to present their work to a small, passionate crowd of enthusiasts.
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The Cineroleum in Clerkenwell, London screen major movies but give them a try and see what they say.
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Try the Glasgow Film Theatre (and, for that matter, perhaps the Filmhouse in Edinburgh, a short train-trip away?). You might also consider contacting the Glasgow School of Art, close to the GFT, and for publicizing events the Edinburgh College of Art too. Scottish Screen has an e-mail bulletin called Rough Cuts that you might want to look at, and perhaps circulate information in.

Can't remember the name of that place I went to in Berlin, I'm afraid, but someone on here is sure to mention it. It's probably one of the ones discussed here.
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In London, you could maybe try the Roxy Bar and Screen. Among other things, they host monthly nights by Rotoreliefs (indie short films).

This is a bit of a guess, but maybe the British Film Institute could suggest other people you could talk to.
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The Cineroleum is (I believe) only temporary, but the guys behind it have also been involved in similar stuff such as Frank's Cafe and The Shop (which did screenings as well), so probably worth getting in touch to see if they've got anything else in the pipeline.
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In London I would try Exploding Cinema and the Flea Pit. If you are not stuck on London the The Cube in Bristol, an all volunteer artist run cinema would be a good bet. It might we worth contacting them anyway to see if they have any good leads.
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In Berlin, you could try contacting the Acud Cinema and art club. I do not know the B-Ware Ladenkino but judging from their homepage, they might be interested as well. Then there is the Kino in der Brotfabrik. There might be more that I am not aware of, Berlin has a lot of Cinemas and quite some that lean to the experimental direction.
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Berlin: You could also try Arsenal. They have a pretty great programm with lots and lots and lots of interesting movies/video from all over. Good luck, please keep us posted.
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