Resuming unemployment benefits after work?
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Can I resume unemployment benefits after temporary work ends in Washington state? What is the process?

So, I had been on unemployment for about six months when I got my current gig. I was in my second month of federal extension money. It looks like I'm not going to be renewed after 2.5 months at this job (I started around June 16th).

Can I simply begin claiming unemployment like I was before or do I have to file new paperwork?
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What I did in Washington State when I was receiving unemployment and had a 2-month contract was that I continued to report every week while I was working on the contract, but I reported all of my income so my UI benefit every week was zero. Then the first week I didn't work, I reported zero income, and got my full UI benefit again.

If you haven't been reporting regularly during your contract, you'll need to reopen your existing claim, which means you'll have one "waiting week" where you don't get benefits.
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Thanks! Kinda pissed a wasted an AskMe question on something so prominently displayed on the goddamn website.....
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