Pimp my Pandora mixtape.
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If you have them, I would like your recommendations for most eclectic Pandora stations ever.

You know what I mean -- one search term gets you a station with lots of different genres lumped together. For instance, a Pandora "Tom Waits" station will get you blues, roots, country, soul, Motown, some folk, rock, and I'm pretty sure I heard some dream pop the other day. Bonus points if it'll lead me to bands I haven't heard of, which shouldn't be too difficult. Thoughts?
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I've really been digging my Buena Vista Social Club channel lately, since it seems to accrete all sorts of Latin music - Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz, Orquesta Tabaco y Ron, stuff from Brazil, and so on.
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I've had good luck with "the Weary Boys" radio (I recommend the Weary Boys all the time on metafilter because I feel like they get their influences from all sorts of genres, which I think is what you're talking about).
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My favorite station has two artists in it as the 'seeds': Amy Grant, a Christian light pop/inspirational singer, and Watain, a Satanic Black Metal band from Sweden. Best of both worlds!

I also have the Lady Gaga/Borknagar station, which combines the finest of modern dance music with Norwegian Black Metal.

These stations tend to play three Christian Inspirational or dance songs in a row, then three Black metal ones. Then it bounces back to the dance.
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I prefer my Pandora stations to be fairly tight and focused. I've found that if I put artists as seeds, I get a lot of stuff I don't want. Instead, I make sure I have no artist seeds at all, and instead use songs as seeds. This immediately gets me much closer to what I'm looking for in terms of the overall mix or feel for a station.

So if what you're after is a much wider range, maybe actually putting artists as seeds instead of songs is what you want to do?

spinifex23, that is brilliant.
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Ohh, a Buena Vista Social Club channel is a great idea. Thanks, jquinby. Now if only I could figure out how to stream Pandora through my iTunes so music magically emanates from my stereo speakers...
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My Glee Cast Radio station has so far today played Jill Scott, Marvin Gaye, Taylor Swift, Queen, Beyonce, Madonna, Van Morrison, Journey, Stevie Wonder, B.o.B, Rihanna, Gaga, Imogen Heap, The Beatles, Billy Idol and currently. . .a live My Morning Jacket track. And these are just the songs I liked!
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Thanks! I originally thought that Pandora would try to find the one song that has the wonderful qualities of both Christian Inspirational pop hymms and Black metal, but sadly, none exist. So, in an effort to not completely shit the bed, it just plays a selection from each.
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