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I plan to hook up our new 13" MacBook Pro to our HDTV and am wondering if I should get either the magic mouse or the magic trackpad to control it from the couch. Any first hand experiences? I'm assuming that either option would be more useful than the apple remote (for watching youtubes and the like).
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Best answer: Do you have an iPod Touch, iPhone, or better yet, iPhone 4? I really love Mobile Air Mouse for that purpose. (Though I also have a wired keyboard and mouse on a USB extension cord for anything more serious.) But I bet the Trackpad would be great as well. (I wouldn't use the mouse without somewhere dedicated to place and use it.)

There are also desktop apps like RemoteBuddy to extend the functionality of your Apple Remote. Or you can install Plex (which has a big new update on Wednesday) which is like Front Row on steroids and great for media-watching. It can be completely controlled from the Apple Remote (though I use a Harmony with it).
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Best answer: Actually, the Apple remote integrates very well with Hulu Desktop. I have not used either a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad to control my MBP when connected to my HDTV but I have used Logitech's Touch Mouse app on my iPhone and the server on the MBP (which is free and works quite well).

Try it out with the remote and Touch Mouse before shelling out for something you may not need. You may find that you really want a full keyboard rather than an awesome mouse. I don't understand why Apple hasn't released an all in one wireless unit yet, keyboard and magic pad together.
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Best answer: To tack onto supercres: Rowmote is like an extended Apple Remote for iPhone, etc. that allows you to control the mouse. Plus there's always VNC/LogMeIn.

Also, Boxee, which is a free app on OS X, let's you get much more functionality out of the Apple Remote for internet videos.
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Best answer: Whatever you're thinking of getting, you'll definitely want to wait to buy anything until after Apple's September 1st "Media Event."
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I'm not sure how important it is, but the Magic Trackpad does "click" if it's on a solid surface. I'm not sure how comfortable it would be handheld.
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Best answer: I am hoping for a combined bluetooth illuminated (important) keyboard and magic trackpad, since I think that would be the definitive couch keyboard, but in the meantime I really like my Logitech DiNovo Edge for this.

I don't think you want a keyboard and mouse/trackpad as two items on your lap. Awkward.

And buy a second set of video and power cables since it's a pain to plug and unplug so often.
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I've never used the magic products, but in a PC setting I'd prefer a gyroscopic mouse over anything...with a wireless keyboard on standby. They take a little getting used to, but once mastered there's no going back.
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Response by poster: The answers approach the problem from so many angles -thanks!

It seems the remote could be more versatile than I had thought and a mouse/trackpad is kind of pointless without some kind of keyboard. If I really want to take control of the computer from across the room the ipad/ipod touch app might be the way to go. I'll see what the "media event" is all about but I expect I'll be getting the remote.

Thanks again, everyone.
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Response by poster: Today's "media event" introduced the new cheaper appleTV that includes a remote. As a Canadian (no netflicks or hulu for me) who basically just wants to watch avi files, it seems like the display port/hdmi adapter and a $20 remote (to control Front Row) is still the best way to go.
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