Where in Manhattan/Brooklyn can I buy Dogfish Head's Festina Peche in a bottle?
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Where in Manhattan (or within 10 blocks of the F train in Brooklyn) can I buy Dogfish Head's Festina Peche in a bottle? Their site's store finder only shows where their products more generally are sold. Has anyone seen this particular beer at a store anywhere?
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It wasn't in a bottle and they aren't serving it anymore, so this may not be very useful to you, but I know that The Pony Bar was serving Festina PĂȘche on tap around two months ago. You might stop by and ask them if they have any idea where you might pick it up today. Or try some of the other nice craft brews they've currently got on tap.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I've also seen it (in the past) on tap at Blind Tiger and at Swift, but I want it now.
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If it's available, American Beer Distributing Co. has it or can get it. They're at 256 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, 718-875-0226.

They're nice people and very knowledgeable.
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Festina Peche is a seasonal brew that was mostly available in June and July, which may explain why you can't find it now. Which isn't to say you wouldn't be able to find it in a store, somewhere, but it's likely you may be out of luck until next year.

I know your pain. Does it help that Punkin' is likely showing up in stores soon?
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Give the folks at Spuyten Duyvil a call. My guess is that whoever is staffing their grocery in the Williamsburg Mini-Mall is probably your best bet for actually getting your hands on some. If they can't find it for you, they may know who can.
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New Beer Distributors on Chrystie St just north of Delancey will likely have it, they have everything Dogfish bottles. Good folks.
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Response by poster: Thanks, checking out these suggestions tomorrow after work!
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Though it's not turning up anything all that helpful in this case, Beer Menus is usually a decent place to look for this sort of question.
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Brooklyn Beer and Soda on Washington (?) by Atlantic at the upper end of Prospect Heights has gotten it for someone I know, even though it wasn't out on the floor. And they're super nice!
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Good god, isn't there a Wegmans around there? Why I was just in one on Saturday night and directly in front of the front door there was a HUG disply with at least 12 six packs of the stuff! If you don't live near a Wegmans you simply need to move. I suggest Western New York ;-)
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aw damnit, I meant HUGE display. Though you can also get hugs at Wegmans as well, they have EVERYTHING.
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A little farther off your track and not available now (but I saw it earlier this summer)- Mr. Kiwi's at the Myrtle Broadway stop on the J/M. Take the F to Delancy and the M/J to Myrtle Broadway (on the weekends the M doesn't reach Manhattan). But really, I think you're out of time. And they didn't carry Jiahu this year either.
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