Need some local advice...
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Looking for work in Nashville

Just moved to Nashville. Have worked as a staff writer for small town newspapers, a photographer/ graphic designer, office manager, gourmet chef and have had my own organizational/event planning service. Currently am writing a book.
I am Christian, divorced and 57 years old. Being on my feet as a chef would be rough, but sometimes you have to do things if you want the adventure of a new place.
Everything is totally new here in this beautiful HUGE place. Have gone online to classifieds in my field- but perhaps a Mefite will have other tips peculiar to this area.
Open to new ideas...
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Best answer: I work in media in Nashville. The media scene is not healthy, but you may be able to find some freelance work. If you have not already sent your resume/clips to the locals, do. These are: The Tennessean, The City Paper, Nashville Post (online only), Nashville Scene, Nashville Business Journal, Nashville Lifestyles. I don't know the Christian pubs, but there are many--try Lifeway, Thomas Nelson, and the Baptist Sunday School Board. Rutledge Hill Press is a local non-religious publishing house that does a lot of gift books/cookbooks/etc.

It's a small scene--you probably ought to be able to track down the relevant editor with a couple of phone calls.

Depending on your background, you may be able to get a job with one of the many PR firms in the city. Siegenthaler, McNeely Pigott and Fox, and Katcher Vaughn and Bailey are the most prominent of these. I don't know if they're hiring. The market is flooded with a lot of laid-off media folks, so you will have a lot of competition.

In general, the nonpublishing job security in Nashville is healthcare. Look at Vanderbilt, HCA, and the various local hospitals for administrative/office manager jobs.

Good luck!
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Yeah, check out Vanderbilt Jobs. Vanderbilt has its own temp service (Vanderbilt Temporary Services - VTS) which is decent way to get your foot in the door there for administrative or office manager type work. Jobs with "VTS" in the listing are temp jobs.
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Welcome to Middle TN!

You might also checkout Cokesbury, the United Methodist Communications group and The Gideons International for Christian-oriented work in the area. Beyond religious publishing and healthcare, the other big industry in the area is corrections, thanks to CCA located here in town. Dig around in the Nashville Business Journal to get a feel for the local corporate landscape.
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Response by poster: Sorry it has taken so long to get back here.
To be honest I really have no desire to work as a reporter any more, but perhaps the skills learned on the job would be helpful for a different job...
The Vanderbilt and Christian tips sound promising. Will move in that direction.
Thinkingwoman you are right about the market being flooded with a lot of laid off media folks.
Nonprofit work appeals.
Thanks for all the advice!
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