Help me find or design a pigeon-proof chicken feeder.
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Help me find or design a pigeon-proof chicken feeder.

We have free-range chickens in the backyard. The chickens eat bugs and plants in the yard, alongside layer crumbles from their feeder. However, the neighborhood flock of pigeons takes advantage of the feeder and empties it of the food we fill it with each day. Where can we buy, or how can we create or modify a feeder so that our chickens are able to eat from it whenever needed throughout the day, but the pigeons can't get at the food?

We tried hanging our existing feeder from a wire at chicken face-level, thinking that pigeons would no longer be able to reach it, but the pigeons now cling to the rim of the feeder and flap to hold on, tilting the feeder and dumping food on the ground.
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Several ideas here. I like the idea of putting the feeder inside a chicken wire/netting enclosure, which would (I'd think) at least reduce the number of guest birds.
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When I had backyard chickens, I left the feeder (and waterer) inside their coop. The coop door, a sort of loading ramp, was always open but wild birds were reluctant to go into a mostly-enclosed space. Not 100% effective, but easy enough to try as a stop-gap.
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Chicken Tractor
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Best answer: Something like this looks pretty promising. It's got a paddle that the chicken has to step on in order to open the lid--smaller birds won't weigh enough to open it.

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