Scripting events on a jailbroken iPod
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I have a jailbroken iPod with iOS 4. I would like to run a shell script when the device wakes from sleep, or when the wifi interface connects to a certain SSID. What can I use?
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Cron is available. See . I've seen LaunchServices mentioned as working also, but never read anything concrete. For both of these you'd need to ssh into the phone and tool around on the command line.

What kind of shell script is it you want to run? Sounds interesting.
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I often use a wireless hotspot that uses HTTP authentication, and re-prompts for authentication if the connection hasn't been used in an hour or more. I would use the event to trigger a wget to a known web server using the wireless network's login and password.

I have investigated using cron or launchd, but I'd like something smarter than 'run this script every X minutes'.
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