How can I enable my USB - getting BSOD and want to backup files.
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It appears a virus has disabled my USB ports. I get the BSOD but can get to the Windows Recovery Console. I can see the USB ports in BIOS so how can I enable them? Bigger question is how to backup files from my hard drive while my PC is in this condition since it is not recognizing the USB?
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Make a Knoppix boot disc on another computer and use it to boot your dead-Windows computer. When booted into Knoppix, back up fiiles to an external hard drive.

After you're done backing up, wipe the hard drive clean and re-install Windows and all your apps.
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Do what BP said. Or use an Ubuntu LiveUSB image to do the same thing. (LiveUSB is great, I haven't had to use a real CD in years!)

It's probably possible to fix it, but it's not likely to be worth the effort since you can copy all of your files anyway.
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Before jumping to a total purge (thought that may be necessary) I've found that combofix (DON'T use the first result of google - that's not the program) worked to remove stuff when my AV/MBAM/Spybot wouldn't/couldn't ... it even had me install the recovery console to do its magic. It really worked well.

But yeah, for backup, use a linux live distro of some sort...
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Have you tried logging in as administrator in safe mode?
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Response by poster: Wasn't able to get Knoppix to boot all the way (it seemed to get stuck) so I tried a similar solution - Trinity Rescue Kit. Was able to backup files to an external drive. Thanks for the direction!

Wasn't able to boot in safe mode even as administrator. Any other possible actions before I have to resort to reformatting the hard drive?
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If your virus is that nasty, nuking from orbit is really the only safe bet.

The Bit Defender and Kaspersky rescue discs are very very excellent tools, and they might well clear the infection, but they are time consuming and may not give you a total clear-up.
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It's possible you just have a trojan that has hijacked your USB driver. Try doing a repair process from you installation CD/DVD (skip past the recovery console screen as if you're reinstalling). This will restore your core system files to their original versions.
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You can either spend many hours trying to remove the virus, or a few less hours doing a total reinstall. Truth be told, the total reinstall option is a much better solution. Start fresh. Get the boot CD, format the drive and do a clean install.
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Response by poster: Backed up files with Trinity Rescue Kit on an external drive and reformatted hard drive. Thanks everyone!
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