I do like to be beside the seaside - but ideally in a vintage swimsuit
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Can you help me in my search for a Victorian-style men's striped bathing suit in a Victorian style?

I'm looking for a men's striped bathing suit in the Victorian style. Ideally red and white stripes, otherwise blue and white. For an example see this image from the Sweeney Todd movie or alternatively some of these costumes: 1, 2, 3. But I am small - a 34/36 chest, no more - and all the costumes I have found start at medium. One-piece or two-piece would both be fine. Any ideas?
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They were knitted. Which is a great source of hilarity for anyone with cause to go through archives of beach photos, and might suggest you just need a pattern and a dedicated grandmother...
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I did some quick googling and couldn't find any in the size you want, but some of the mediums start at a 38 chest. Could you maybe get one with the highest percentage of cotton and try to shrink it a little?
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If you do have a dedicated grandma, patterns can be bought here. Scroll down for men's. There doesn't look to be anything really old, but they've got the 1920-30s ones.
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Etsy has an alchemy section where you can request bids on items to be made. If you don't have that dedicated grandma, you might find one there.
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Here you are.
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Response by poster: Thanks Headspace but they're medium and I need a small.
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