I don't even know what language this is in.
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Why did my favorite forum just transform into what appears to be some sort of foreign-language YouTube?

I have no idea if I did this - that is, if I downloaded some kind of bizarre bug - or a forum I frequent was hacked just now. But here's what happened:

I was posting on a forum with other tabs open. In the other tabs, I was looking for the lyrics to a song. I loaded a number of different song lyrics websites; I can't remember which ones. Bad idea, I know, but I'm running Firefox so maybe I just got cocky. Anyway, the next time I loaded the forum, it had suddenly and inexplicably transformed into this. I quit my browser and opened it again, clicked on the forums's name in my Bookmarks - and the same thing happened. I deleted my cookies, emptied my caches, quit and re-opened my browser repeatedly... same thing. Everytime I try to go to this board, I get this bizarre site instead.

There have been times in the past when I'd download some bug that would make me load the same awful site no matter which site I tried to visit - but this is weirdly specific. I don't have trouble with any other site. (Obviously, since I managed to post this.) And I can't recall if Trilulilu was one of the sites I loaded while trying to find the right song lyrics, but it's entirely possible. Since I don't know whether this is just me or something's happened to the forum, could you guys please visit the forum for yourselves and tell me what you see? And if it is just me, how do I get rid of this? Thanks.
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I see the baby names forum. I'd definitely run some antivirus software and clear the browser cache.
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Appears as a normal forum to me, you do seem to have some malware. The other possible explanation is your DNS server could be sending you to the wrong address. Try a malware/adware cleaner such as Adaware.
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Ah! Thank you. I downloaded some antivirus software and ran it. Weirdly enough, it found nothing, but after it was done the forum was back to normal anyway. Works for me!
posted by Anyamatopoeia at 9:03 PM on August 27, 2010

could try open dns if none of the above options work
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