Talking alarm clock
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I'm looking for a specific funny alarm clock that I saw about three or four years ago in Target.

The clock was around $20, and I'm pretty sure I saw it at a Target, but it could have been a WalMart. The alarm would wake you up using one of 13 (or somewhere around there) recordings using voices. I know one of them was a southern US African-American voice and what that recording said something starting with "Good mornin' sunshine!" The recording would go on for maybe 15 seconds saying "Time to get up!" and other things. Another was an effeminate man. Anyone know of this clock or a clock like it?
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Best answer: Wacky Voice Wake-up Alarm Clock? Out of stock on Amazon though. Your description makes it sound vaguely offensive though. Maybe there were complaints.
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I don't think it sounds offensive. I guess everything can be construed as offensive in these days of "political correctness."

I used to have a great Bugs Bunny alarm clock that would wake you up with Bugs saying "Wake up, Sleepyhead. Come on! Time to get up!...etc." It was the best alarm clock I ever had and made the getting out of bed a little less unpleasant.
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Response by poster: FreezBoy, I think that was the one. Thanks!
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Speaking of potentially offensive, My friend has a miniature mosque for an alarm clock, that wakes you up with a recorded call for prayer. Amusing in its own way, even if it's just for the horribly tinny, distorted voice coming out of the tiny 1"x1" speaker. This is in Holland though - which sadly makes me wonder especially if these are still in stores around here.
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Absolutely. Muslims use these clocks widely, which remind them when to pray. Every middle-eastern muslim I know has one of these things...
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