What's this kind of video called?
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Videos like the new Cee Lo video, where the text appears on the screen as the words are spoken - what's that style called?

I've seen them before, I believe there were commercials for AMC where they used scenes from movies in the same manner.

I'd love to see more of these and would like to know what words to use in my search.

(Also if you have any examples, I'd love to see them!)
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Best answer: Typography is the first thing that comes to mind. Search youtube for "Still Alive" typography for some of my favorites.
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I love this kind of thing too: I think of it as animated typography. One of the first ones I ever saw was Samuel Jackson's memorable speech from Pulp Fiction by Jarratt Moody. On Moody's site, he files this work under "animation."
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There's a (usually more dynamic) version of this called 'typographic animation' or 'kinetic typography'. See here, here, here.
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typography animation should be a good search term. One of the absolute slickest and most bad-ass examples of this is the video for Justice's DVNO. It makes me drool involuntarily.

I'm also big fan of the lo fi take on this technique.
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I'd think the term could be the same as whatever was used for Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues. More primitive, but same idea, right?
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gladly's link to the Pulp Fiction clip was the earliest one of these I remember. The first music video I know of was made (April '07) by a fan for Streetlight Manifesto's Point/Counterpoint, but it's likely someone made one that predated that one.

Like woolylambkin, at least in the ones I've seen, "typography" seems to be the watchword.
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Pulp Fiction remixed using this method.
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I made an FPP about exactly this a couple years ago.

I don't think there's a term specific to the technique; generically it's animated typography, or whatever other phrase concisely describes it.
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The phrase I've always used/seen things like this described as is "dynamic typography"
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There was a recent car commercial with really similar typography to the Cee-Lo video (similar enough that I wouldn't be surprised if they were made by the same company, as the font and rhythm seem really similar). I think the company was Ford, but I can't remember for sure, nor can I find it on Google. Pretty sure it was a white background with beauty shots of trucks and the text included positive reviews and features specific to the vehicle, appearing in light blue.
Sorry I can't find a link, but I thought I'd mention it in case it rang a bell with anyone else.
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I've heard it called "motion typography", too.
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When I saw the video, I instantly thought of Young-Hae Chang's text/video work. Apprently folks classify them as text-based animation, but seems like the term kinetic typography is pretty official:
Kinetic typography—the technical name for "moving text"—is an animation technique mixing motion and text. This text is presented over time in a manner intended to convey or evoke a particular idea or emotion. It is often studied in Communication Design and Interaction Design courses. Some commonly seen examples of this technique include movie title sequences and credits, web page animation and other entertainment media.
Some other examples I dug up:

Rage Against the Machine - Mic Check and tons of others

V for Vendetta typography

CLP's I'm So Trill
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This post also lists a lot of great examples, musical and non-musical:


Check the comments too for more examples.
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Hey, the Mountain Goats did a video like this for Sax Rohmer #1, but the lyrics are scrawled all around the room and various objects and the camera follows their trail.
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I fell in love with this style, and still love the first one I can recall seeing: The Faint - Symptom Finger.

It's not exactly the same, because it's not the lyrics themselves generally, but I think it still fits the overall idea.
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The Ford F-150 ads with Denis Leary use this style: Smart, Control, Safety are a few of them.

Music video for Eric Hutchinson - OK, It's Alright With Me
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A similar term I've heard is "kinematic typography."
Another example: Macho Box by MK12
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