How to text in Japanese?
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Foreign-language texting on non-iPhones?

So, this is mainly about Japanese, but it seems to be a problem with anything other than English.

I have an iPhone, and I can send anything I can type on an international keyboard (Arabic, Korean, French, you name it) to another iPhone via SMS. However, I can't seem to get this to work with any phones other than the iPhone. Older phones and low-end models, I can understand, but I have friends with Droids and Droid Incredibles, and they just don't get my texts. Period.

I don't think it's an AT&T only thing, because I can send messages to people with iPhones on T-Mobile.

So, the question is, how can I text in Japanese to my friends who don't have iPhones?
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For Symbian phones, unless it's an Asian edition with built-in Asian languages support, they can download and install Psiloc Japanese Localization, which is free as far as I can tell.
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Real Japanese phones don't really have texting/SMS. It's really more or less email. Can you send messages in Japanese to some email address that they can access?
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