Color/Gradient Generator from hex codes
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Looking for a color/gradient generator where you put in your hex code (#6699CC) and it generates shades of that color from white, to the color, to black. It's a very plain page with just the shades from light to dark and their hex codes.
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Something like this Three Color Gradient Generator?
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No, it's a tool where you just put in your one color, but that might work.

To clarify, this is an existing site, and I lost my bookmark. Can't find it in google, or on the sites I would have got the link from in the first place.
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I really like color synthaxis. It takes some tinkering with to get the results you like, but it's worth the effort.
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I don't know if any of these are what you had in mind, but thought I would share the list just in case:

(makeuesof) 10 sites to play with colors and create color palettes
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You could do this manually by incrementing or decrementing all the values at the same time:

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Color Scheme Designer
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You can do that with this.
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None of those is the specific site I was looking for, but I appreciate the links!

This one the entire page was just colors, in a column from white down to black. It didn't do complimentary colors, etc, just shades.

@odinsdream, that works, but this was a little more subtle.
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Might have been Westciv's linear gradient tool? But you could try searching delicious for something like gradient tool to see if the one you're thinking of comes up.
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Probably not what you're looking for, but I'll throw it out there.
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It wasn't called a gradient generator as far as I remember, that's just what it looked like when it generated the shades. I'm pretty sure it had the word hex in it.

Thanks for all the links.
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Found it on delicious by looking for "gradient hex"

See? My fail. But I got it in the end!! :)
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