No more pinching or zooming for me.
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The iPhone Stylesheet for MetaFilter pb created is oh so nice. What are some other websites that have awesome dedicated iPhone versions?
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Specifically iPhone, or just nice mobile sites?

I've been very pleased with the Gmail mobile web interface, as well as the Weather Underground mobile site.
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Response by poster: I supposed any really nice mobile site, but my intention is to use an iPhone.
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Best answer: Weather underground has a nice mobile site.
Weather underground has a great iPhone site.

Facebook has a nice mobile site.
Facebook has a great iPhone site.
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(I'm also an iPhone user, and never realized the wunderground I see on my phone is iPhone specific. Rad.)
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Best answer: I usually hate mobile sites, but I like the mobile site (on ipod Touch). But that may be because I don't often use the site on a standard browser so I don't really know what they're leaving out on the mobile site.
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Best answer: I am not into sports, but the espn website is pretty great on an iphone.
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If you like to read what lawyers argue about, The Volokh Conspiracy has a good mobile site.
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Dinosaur Comics! (Especially good if you like awesome web comics featuring talking dinosaurs.)
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Best answer: I stopped by to say "Dinosaur Comics" as well but K8lin has beaten me to the punch.

A NeoGAF (popular gaming forum) user hacked together a very nice mobile version of that site.
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I really like the Eurogamer mobile site (Eurogamer is a great videogame news/reviews site) as it arranges all the content in a way perfect for mobile devices,i.e. all articles are on single pages, without images, and the main page lists every new news, preview, or review article in a simple list. This all makes it load really fast and really easy to navigate.
posted by EndsOfInvention at 7:48 AM on September 3, 2010 also has a good mobile site - unsurprisingly* it is very very similar to the MetaFilter one. I think you have to be logged in to see it though.

*Because the site was created and run by mathowie and pb.
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