Looking for the live recording of the song The Freshmen.
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The first time I heard the song The Freshmen by the Verve Pipe, it was on the radio -- a live version in which the audience sang along. Anyone know where I can find that? All I can locate are studio recordings.
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I remember that version too, but only heard it played on the radio in East Lansing, Michigan, in 1995 and honestly assumed it was a live recording from a station-sponsored local show. Maybe check through the discography here?
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You're not the only one that heard it. Radio station I listened to in Louisville played it late 90's, early 00's.
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Griff from The Verve Pipe now teaches harmonica at Elderly Instruments in Lansing (I happen to know this because I saw a flyer at the car wash the other day). His email address is here. He might know more about that specific recording.
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Or maybe not--I know next-to-nothing about The Verve Pipe, and browsing Miko's link see that this Griff person is a new member of the band, not around in the old days. So that is perhaps not so helpful. Sorry.
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Best answer: I have this song. Or another live version. There is audience noise and they sing along at some points. Mail me with your email address or msn/aim/yahoo im handle and I'll share.
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theres a bunch on youtube - this particular one has tinny audio though

just search "the freshman live"
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even better one
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Response by poster: Miko and deezil,

I heard the live version up here in Maine. It played fairly regularly at the time -- 1996?


Thanks. The YouTube live vids are entertaining. But I'd like to get the clean, powerful one I heard, rather than fan-filmed ones.

MrFish, I sent you my email. Anxious to hear what you've got.

Thanks, all, for your interest and help.
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There's a live, acoustic version on the rare release "85 on 31", but it's the quietest audience you ever heard at a Verve Pipe show - and I've been to a few. Looking on the iTunes music store, there's also what sounds like another similar version on a Brian Vander Ark solo live album.
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I'm 75% positive I have this. If MrFish doesn't work out, send me a message and I'll look through my music when I get home. I don't remember hearing any audience when I've listened to the song, but I could always be wrong.
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Response by poster: Mrfish is the man. Or fish. Either way, he had the version I remembered.

Anyone else who's interested, contact me and I'll pass it on.
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