Where can I buy slim, European-style pants in stores or online?
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I'm a guy looking for casual, slim pants that aren't jeans. Maybe something you would see in Europe. I need them in all sorts of colors. One of my female friends suggested that her pants might fit me, and upon trying them on they actually fit better than anything else I own. So, any suggestions as to where I can find pants that actually fit without looking in the ladies section?

I'm nearly 6ft. tall and my waist is about 31 or 32 inches. I find that a 30in. inseam works well for me (I like having little or no break at the shoes). The problem with most pants I try on is that they are just plain large, even if they're supposed to be slim. If they do end up being slim, they fit awkwardly... too much room in the crotch or buttocks area, or something strange. I don't need something skin-tight... just something that's consistent with my figure.

I realize that a tailor could probably modify my pants to fit the way I want. Would this be relatively easy/cheap? I'm willing to go to a tailor, but it'd be really nice to find pants that fit pretty well from the get-go.

By the way, I don't have a strange body. It's all proportional and everything... but I am much slimmer than the typical American male.

Here are some examples:

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.

Obviously, two of those examples are females, but that's the kind of fit I'd like. Slim all the way down, without blocking circulation in my legs...

P.S. I live in New York City, so it'll probably be easier for me to find what I'm looking for. However, I almost never go out shopping so I don't know which of the thousands of stores to shop at. That's where you guys may be able to help... Online shopping is fine, too.
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H&M, Zara, Banana Republic.
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Bonobos pants.
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New York? You're in luck.

. Done.
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You're in NYC? There's a Uniqlo in town, and they'll probably have something that suits you.

American Apparel, perhaps surprisingly, has a selection of slimmer pants that aren't skin-tight and hipstery.
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I've had good luck with Calvin Klein. The pair I have fits straight and slim without cutting off any important blood flow.
These, I think
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Yep, Uniqlo
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I hear Uniqlo is nice.
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Definitely Uniqlo.
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Previously (Express' Photographer style mens pants FTW)
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I have a similar body type and taste in pants. if you're thinking of going the tailoring route, it's what I've been doing and costs me about $10 to get the legs and seat taken in. and, as a bonus, tailors tend to be fantastic characters -- mine is an old Lebanese man whose English isn't so good but always has a good story for me, every time I go in.
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One of my favorite skinny tall fashion tumblr dudes recommends Levi's 511 trousers (the same fit as the 511 skinny jean, but in chino styling). They come in all sorts of colors, as well as in cords, if that's how you roll.

They're very reasonably priced at about $40 a pair, and the site has free shipping until tonight, if you act quick!
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My skinny husband likes J. Crew pants.
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I think the phrase you need to know is skinny pants. These are all over a lot of stores right now.
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Like everyone else said, Uniqlo. And while you're in that section of Soho, go to H&M and Topman.

Then go to a bookstore and flip through GQ and look at the pants you like and then go buy them.

Or why not just shop in the women's sections of stores? 5 minutes of awkwardness for the pants you want sounds like a good trade. And since you're in New York, it's not even that awkward.
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In NYC? Uni-effin-qlo. Enjoy the privilege.

(But also: Boden's chinos. They have a certain reputation in Britain for being terribly upper-middle-class, but their trousers are really well-made.)
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I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned Uniqlo yet, but the Uniqlo in NYC actually offers free alterations on pants. You can pick them up the same day.
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Uniqlo, J. Crew, and H&M all have what you're looking for at decent prices.

APC, Unis, and many others that I can't think of right now also sell slimmer fit pants, though at higher prices (and with higher quality, as well).

One thing about slim pants: it's probably best to actually try them first, unless you're cool with shipping them back. I've found that a lot of slim pants that are supposed to be 'my size' can be too small in random spots or even just in general. Even on a normal body things can get weird once the rise starts getting lower (as may be the case with many of these).
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I'm gonna agree with everyone else and say Uniqlo.

What hasn't been mentioned yet is that - in their UK stores at least - Uniqlo will alter your trousers for free so you can get them at the exact length you like. You can usually pick them up the next day - or even later that day if you go early.
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They look to be just Slim Fit flat front 'Chino' style trousers. they are somewhat difficult to find in a Slim Fit in my experience. I've been lookign for simlair.

I disagree on Uniqlo - I was in the Oxford St London one two weeks ago and they do not have any "slim fit" chino style pants. they have some cotton trousers liek that - but the are not really slim fit.

I did seem slimmer cotton trousers in American Apparel recently though.
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My partner has a similar build--possibly thinner--and H&M seems to do the trick. I'm unsure of the specific style name, but I think they're simply called "slim." They're flat fronted and could pass as casual or dress pants, and they come in at least black, grey, and tan. Great fit across the butt.
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I've been wearing Kenneth Coles for a while. Mine are a jean cut, a light denim fabric, and come in non-blue. I have green, gray, khaki. (Oh, but I don't see the particular style on their site anymore. Maybe NYC has a KC store with a Clearance table.)
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Lots of good suggestions above and you shouldn't have trouble in nyc. I am about 5' 10 and quite skinny and I have recently discovered Toddland pants which they carry at Urban Outfitters. They are comfortable, relatively inexpensive and have the best off the rack fit (tailored but not skin tight) I've found. They're somewhat casual but nice enough that I can wear to my business casual (but conservative) workplace.
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Epaulet and Wolf vs. Goat.

In NYC, but on the pricey side.
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Thank you all for the input!

I'll stop by Uniqlo sometime soon, as well as H&M, Zara, etc. They seem to be within my price range (for casual pants, at least).

I will also give consideration to all the other suggestions.

Going to a tailor seems like a must...

Thanks again.
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