Help with Starred Items in Google Reader
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Is there a way to sort all of my starred items in Google Reader by the oldest date first?

I star items in Google Reader that I find interesting but don't have time to read at that moment. When I have more time I read my Starred items and remove the star.

When I click on the "Starred items" link, I would prefer to start reading with the oldest item, and proceed forward in time. But Google's only option is to show Starred items with the newest items first. It's frustrating to keep scrolling backwards to find the last item.

Are there any scripts or extensions that do this? I'm on Windows, with Firefox and Greasemonkey. I've searched for extensions every place I can think of, and I've searched Userscripts. I even played around with Yahoo Pipes for a while, but I've lost patience and an entire afternoon fiddling.

Any help?
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Best answer: Do you use google shared items? If you don't, this is a bit of a hack, but from limited testing on my end seems to work ok.

1) Instead of starring, share your feed items.
2) Under share settings, you can set it so you only share with yourself and no one else if you like
3) get the feed setting for your shared items and subscribe to it
4) under settings, add it to a folder/label
5) on the left feed/folder tree, select the folder/label instead of the feed directly and folder settings should let you pick oldest to newest.
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Best answer: 3) get the feed setting url for your shared items and subscribe to it
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Hmm seems to go back only 2 weeks. That may be adequate for your needs?
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Response by poster: Thanks, juv3nal. That will work for me. I appreciate it!
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