I miss Fat Kiss. Help me!
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Once upon a time, I used the perfect lip gloss (Too Faced's Fat Kiss in Fat Jelly). Now it's no longer made. Please help me find a replacement -- I'm desperate!

I used Too Faced's Fat Kiss in Fat Jelly for years. Since it became unavailable (it's been quite a while!!), I've just sort of... not worn any makeup, usually. I'm totally frustrated by my lip gloss situation! Here is what I loved about my old one!

* It had a rollerball. It was easy to apply, even without a mirror. (This seems to be the hardest aspect to replace!)

* Colorwise, it was very sheer, but in this lovely berry shade that looked fabulous with my skin/lips. No lipstick needed!

* It lasted a really long time, but (probably because the color was so sheer?) when it did fade, it did so gradually.

* It had a bit of that tingly/lip plumping action going on, but not to a crazy degree.

* It didn't taste gross.

* It wasn't gloppy and icky.

In general, I have pretty sensitive skin and prefer natural products, but I was fine with the highly unnatural Fat Kiss product, so that may not be too important. I don't mine paying for a great product if it really works for me, though it would be awesome if I could find something inexpensive. I do need something I can buy online (shipping to the USA).

I'm not much of a makeup connoisseur, but hopefully I've included all the necessary details... let me know if not. I'm really looking for specific products that might work. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!!
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I've used Amuse and liked it a lot. Roll-on, sheer with a tint of color, tasted like nothing. Worth a try because it's the cheapness!
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Just colorwise and non-gloppiness alone, you should look into Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker.
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Is this it?
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Response by poster: Carmicha, that IS it, but I feel like since it's generally unavailable, I should move on to a new product. I'll just go through the pain of loss again when I use that tube up :) Thank you though!

Iconomy and TPS, I will check those out!

Thanks all and keep 'em coming!
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You might like Stilla's gloss package design- it has a little brush on the end. And they have a plumping one!

This gloss turns a personalized shade of pink and has won some awards.
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Check out Clinique "Almost Lipstick" in Black Honey. A widely loved classic. If you look at reviews you will find a lot of people concurring that it is a "lovely berry shade that looked fabulous" -- the colour seems to work on everyone -- it is quite sheer and as easy to apply/as gloppy and offensive as your favourite lip balm. Kind of a grown-up Dr Pepper, I suppose!

I also like the Neutrogena "MoistureShine Soothing LipSheers," particularly in Ruby Bliss. but that might be a little more colour than you are looking for; maybe check the other colours in the range? Inexpensive and, in the US, easy to find.
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I came here to suggest the Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker, too! It's my favorite lip gloss ever. Beautiful color, but light, so you can never put too much on, and I haven't found anything to equal it.
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I must provide a counterpoint to the praise for Clinique's Black Honey and Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers, both of which always come up in discussions about natural looking lip color ("my lips by better"). They are widely beloved, but they're not actually universally flattering, as is sometimes touted. I'm pale with yellowish undertones, and Black Honey looks muddy on me -- the brown tones are too obvious -- and Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker looks good in the tube but shows up with a sort of fuschia tone, much more cool-toned that I'd expect. This isn't to say they aren't great, and won't be your solution -- but they're not necessarily for everyone.

I personally like Clinique's SuperBalm in Currant a lot for this -- it's a little "glossy," but comes in a tube with a slant tip (no mirror needed for application), is moisturizing, sheer, and shows on me as a slightly bumped up version of my own lip color. Not noticeably cool or warm, not too pinky or too brownish. Also, it'll fit in my pocket.
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I second the Stila IT gloss. It's not a rollerball, but the brush makes it easy for me to put on without a mirror, and it has most of your other criteria as well.
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Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. I'm addicted to the Merlot shade. Meets all your criteria except it doesn't have a rollerball and it doesn't plump your lips -- thank god! What exactly is going on with that tingling and plumping? Doesn't it worry you?!
Burt's is 100% natural and actually does make your lips tingle, because it contains peppermint oil.
They also do lip gloss.
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I am a big fan of Urban Decay XXX Lip Shine. It has a nice feel on the lips (not gooey and sticky). It's not a plumping gloss, but it does have a mint flavor, so it feels cool and slightly tingly.

On a related note, Urban Decay also has a new lip gloss out called Lip Junkie that I haven't tried, but has been getting great reviews. It also has a minty flavor, and it includes a plumper (although the website says it's a non-irritant plumper, so you might not get that tingle).

I also like Boots Lip Glace. It's a thinner gloss with just a hint of color.

All three of these glosses come in a squeeze tube with a little hole in the end, which I find to be a pretty easy-to-use form of packaging. I seriously hate products with the brush at the end (a la Stila)- it's so hard to get the right amount of product into the brush. Half the time, I end up with a flood of lip gloss, and the other half of the time, I end up with barely any.
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Response by poster: After several months of experimenting with many of the great suggestions here, I thought I'd update for any future folks who may come by this thread for help... because I finally found something I really like! I read about it in Cooking Light, of all places, which said this is a cosmetic line by the same people/company behind method brand cleaning products. It's called Own Products Lip Therapy and it comes in three colors, all of which are really sheer (I ordered the trio so I could try them all). They all look really nice and are quite similar to Fat Jelly -- I think the cinnamon one is probably the closest color-wise, with mint being lighter and chili being a bit more saturated, but the color on the website isn't really how it looks at all -- it's extremely sheer. The chili one also is pretty spicy flavor-wise and tingly in a lingering way on the lips which can be desirable or undesirable depending on your situation, I guess.

Most importantly to me, they have a rollerball!! As I was experimenting with new products over the past few months, I realized that rollerball thing was maybe my favorite aspect of Fat Kiss. So I am really pleased that this new option exists.

They're relatively new, I think, and I haven't seen them in stores, but if there's a connection with method products, I'm guessing soon they'll be all over since I see method everywhere now.

And I do not work for them, I'm just happy to find something that can take the place of my old fave!
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