What are some professional piercing parlors in St Louis?
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Possibly NSFW: What are some professional piercing parlors in St. Louis? Bonus if you had male genital piercing(s) done there.

I've been wanting to get an apadravya (vertical piercing through head of penis), but not from the smaller shops in my town. Turns out I'll have some free time in St. Louis tomorrow (Friday, the 27th). What shops would you recommend?
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Best answer: I'm more of a tattooed girl myself, but one of my good friends had a hood piercing done at CheapTrx (now just called TRX, I guess?) on S. Grand & other pierced friends recommend it very highly.
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I was just about to mention TRX too. Never had any work done there personally, but know lots of people who have.
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Iron Age Studios in the Loop does piercings, but I have no personal experience.
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There was a time that Cheap Trx was the only place me and my friends trusted, but that was ten years ago.
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Iron Age in the Loop would be my recommendation. (2nd hand references only.) CheapTrx on Grand would be my 2nd choice.
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Response by poster: All of your answers were very helpful, thanks! I ended up going to TRX and couldn't be happier with my first piercing. Trx are good peeps!
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