Is there a RPG that I can use real life points with?
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Is there a RPG / Level up system that allows me to apply my own points to? Like a normal RPG except the game is in real life and the character is on the computer?

I'm wondering if I can apply points earned in a real world environment toward leveling up a character on a computer.

For instance say 10 people are involved. We solve math problems. Every math problem solved earns a point. Each day we solve 25 problems. Some of the people get more right than others. So some get 20 points others 25 points. I would like to take those points and plug them into a fantasy type character who gets more powerful and stronger with additional points. It would be great if that character also could get items and battle the other characters.

Does such a thing exist? Or could I make it work with some existing RPG in a simple way? Ideally I'd like to manage 30+ characters.

My attempts at searching for this turned up nothing, but I don't know what exactly this would be called.
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That's the idea behind the Epic Win iPhone app.
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Sort of?
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Yeah, it's kind of like Epic Win, except now that it's out it's clear there's no game there. The chores and tasks you do grant you experience to level up and get loot, but that's it. Kind of disappointing.
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Level Me Up
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Semi-related talk about everything in real life becoming a game (and discusses things you asked about): Jesse Schell - “Visions of the Gamepocalypse”
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Epic Win looks great, but is there an Android equivelant out there?
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It's not an RPG, but Interrobang is a mission-oriented real-life game:
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