Snowboarding helmet for those who wear glasses?
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I need to buy a snowboarding helmet but I wear glasses. What recommendations do you have for helmets that won't press my glasses into the side of my head?
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Helmets are pretty individual things. This is one of those things that you will have to go and try a bunch on to get the one that fits you best. I'd recommend smith, as I have a smith helmet and love it. However, it may not work for you.
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Response by poster: True and yes I've tried many but I always feel like they push my glasses into my head. I'm looking for someone that wears glasses that has found a helmet that feels like it works with their glasses or a glasses wearing specific model.
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I have a smith and it seems OK but I sometimes even wear goggles over my glasses and it's kinda hard to avoid getting squished.

it also depends, somewhat obviously, on your glasses. No helmet may work with your particular frames.
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You could also get prescription goggles as my wife never found goggles that worked with glasses. Her solution was lasik eye surgery (not just for skiing, but it was great for that too).
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Could you possibly cut out a groove in your helmet padding just enough for your glasses to fit in? But a more reasonable option is to get prescription sport goggles. That's what they were invented for.
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As a glasses wearin' girl I've got to jump on the "get some goggles" bandwagon.
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I wear a Giro helmet with foamy earpieces. I don't wear glasses, but I'd imagine that since the hard part of the helmet doesn't come into contact with your ears, glasses would be okay. I would definitely recommend trying it on before buying it, though. It's this type of helmet:
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I used Oakley A-frames for ages over glasses, and they kinda sorta worked in that they fit, but my glasses would mist up when I wasn't moving. I eventually (and very reluctantly) switched to contacts which are MASSIVELY UNBELIEVABLY BETTER. There is no comparison. If there is any possibility of using contacts do it. I also use them for mountain biking and long-distance driving now, but am still a glasses wearer for everything else.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the imput but I think the thread went the goggles route instead of what I asked. I already have OTG goggles. I'm looking for a helmet specifically. My goggles strap will go on the outside of my helmet.
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Best answer: I wear a snowboarding helmet as a bike helmet. In particular, I wear the Red Mutiny Helmet (the all black one) . As you can see in my profile picture, I also wear glasses -- fairly prominent glasses. The Red Mutiny doesn't pinch them at all, it is quite tolerant of glasses. In fact, I've never thought about wearing my glasses with this helmet even once.

Depending on what glasses you wear, and how wildly deformed your lovely skull is, you may have a different experience. But this helmet brand worked for me, and I really like the design.

I recommend you go to a skate or snowboard shop and try out the various RED helmets, they are phenomenal and have saved my skull more than once.
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Oh yeah, and it has a goggle strap clip thing, and adjustable ventilation.
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2nding RED.
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