Mysteriously missing MSI model
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I'd like to know some things about my new laptop but it isn't listed on its manufacturer's website. It's an MSI brand, model S6000-017US, purchased from Office Depot last Tuesday.

I just bought it from Office Depot about a week ago. There was no included manual or really any install discs included in the packaging.
During the initial boot and removal of bloatware, I'm afraid I deleted some installed software that allowed me to configure the touchpad (specifically, disabling tap-to-click). Naturally, I tried looking up the laptop on the manufacturer's website to see if I could reinstall the software. I searched the model number on MSI's website as well as looked through their catalog, both to no avail. It's not there!

Not only is it disturbing that my laptop has no support, but I can't find any way to disable tap-to-click through device properties. What do I do? Why doesn't MSI have my laptop model listed, or at least anything close?

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Best answer: I just had a look through the MSI site, you can download the drivers/utilities/manual straight off the product page here:

Had me confused for a bit too, because it turns out the P600 is the other name for it (or was I just reading it wrong?)
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Yeah, it would seem that the P600 and S6000 are sister models that are nearly the same hardware except for the P600 having an 8 cell battery and the S6000 having a 4 cell battery.
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Response by poster: Oh wow. I guess I didn't look hard enough. Thanks so much!
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Fn F3 disables the trackpad on my MSI laptop.
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