Searching for an exciting career.
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Searching for an exciting career. Need some ideas.

Hi there, am just facing a dead end recently.. probably in this one year.

I am working as a banker now. Just doing some frontline operations in the consumer banking. I did a degree in Economics and Finance. Am okay with the subjects. Just okay.

I want to find a new job. A job that does not need one to be super brilliant or creative. A job that isn't repetitive in its daily tasks. A job that takes on different issues almost every other day. A job that is rewarding in terms of experience, knowledge and money to a certain extent.

I have been trying to find a job that I have passion in it but failed. Tried to do some soul searching but could not come to a conclusion. Was thinking to be one of the hardware reviewer etc in those tech magazines such as T3 but am not good in writing skills. I don't have much or any talent as well.

And to be honest, I don't have much passion in anything. I don't really have much interest in a particular field. But I'm here to work hard. Or with the qualifications that I have, I am just doomed to work a normal and repetitive job.

So I am wondering if you guys have any opinion on what career/job that is associated to my above description. Please do not flame. Or flame if it makes your day. :D Thanks!
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What hobbies do you have? What do you like to do?

I spent several years hunting for the job that I really wanted to do, and explored hobbies, new things to do. In the end after a fair bit of luck*, I am finally working in a job I enjoy, and, in fact, pop into work on weekends for the fun of it :P

One of my ex-colleagues also made a full time job out of his hobby; he has long been a amateur/hobbyist photographer for years, got sick of his day job, and created his portfolio over time while still working. Decided one day that he's sick of work, and now works, self employed as a pro photographer.

I think you are looking for concrete examples of what kind of jobs to look for, however everyone is different. May I suggest just going out and exploring the world, if not look into books such as Do what you are or What color is your parachute.

I'm really glad to see someone actually attempting to do something about stuff, rather than just sit and moan about it. Look out for things that make your heart burn with passion, formulate a plan that slowly moves you in that direction, then go for it!

*luck = preparation + opportunity
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My new favorite TV show is American Pickers on the History channel. The thing I love about it is how the two guys, Frank and Mike, are sooooo passionate about what they do, about the people they meet, about traveling together, etc. They have spent years learning about old motorcycles, bicycles and other stuff I would call junk. They leap into falling down barns and neglected fields piled with rusted metal and spot the old motorcycle engine worth thousands (current favorite quote is Mike saying, "If racoon sh*t were worth anything, we'd be millionaires).

I am passionate about writing. I've spent years writing, reading about writing, reading excellent writing and finally I get to be paid for my writing. Even cranking out bureaucratic baloney--if I can slip in a great turn of phrase (or better yet, some alliterative foolishness) I'm happy. I'm fortunate to spend a chunk of my day doing that.

You need to find that passion and try to fit it into your work. Barbara Shers' Wishcraft is a good place to start identifying what you might be passionate about (and it's now available online).

Good luck.
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It would be helpful to know if you enjoy working with people or prefer to work alone.
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They say do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. This is, of course, complete crap, because everyone who loves something works particularly hard at it, but the concept comes from a good place:

What is it you like to do? You mention doing tech reviews, but feel you might be weak in the writing part, what about the tech part: are you good with computers? Photography? Could you develop a tech review web site and have peers provide the writing?

I think the secret to finding what job direction you are going to want is going to be implicitly tied to where you interests lay. Figure that out, and see what kind of employment you could tease out of it. Sometimes it'll come from a direction you never would have expected:

An old boss of mine was a successful automotive inventory business owner and professional photographer. His love of taking pictures caused him to take an interest in art in general, and this eventually led to him opening up his own art/ framing gallery. He remarked one day that "if you had asked me five years ago what I'd be doing, I never would have guessed this..."
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If you like variety, working for TV news can be very exciting. I know media jobs are withering, but camera operators, sound techs, producer jobs are all still out there.

Can you sell? Sales jobs that involve selling big stuff--planes, industrial equipment, commercial real estate, etc. have a lot of variety and require a lot of energy.

Speak any languages? International recruiting is a fast-paced field. I know someone who travels around the world, recruiting medical personnel.

Any writing job requires you to sit there and pound it out. Turning out reviews of gizmos isn't so much about how cool the stuff is as it is about turning in finished copy of so many words on deadline.
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Response by poster: I enjoy working with people and alone as well. Probably a job that incorporates both. Thanks for the feedbacks so far. I am thinking of two jobs at the moment. Both are quite different. One being a wedding planner. But I wouldn't say I have very good network, fashion, music or food sense. What attracts me to the job is it's fun in it's own way and I have always been happy to make others feel happy at the end of the day.

The other job.. Is probably management consultsing. Probably start off in yhr research department. I love to do research. Finding sources and information regarding a matter. But I might have a wrong perception on this job.
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I have always thought it would be exciting to be a paramedic. Or police or fireperson.
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