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Help me find some sexy socks. But not too sexy.

Fall is coming, and I'm trying out new styles. I'm looking for these socks/legwarmers. They look matte vinyl or maybe light rubber, but I'm not sure. They'd be used in pretty much the context of the outfit in the above link. Think: CoCo Chanel and Debbie Harry had a love child.

When I google "Vinyl Knee Sock," the only results are either NSFW or those super-gothy, shiny ones that really aren't my thing.

Brick-and-morter or Internet stores are both fine.
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Have you tried the Sock Man down on St. Mark's?
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Sock Dreams is a good place to start. Although from your picture, it looks like that top part might actually be part of the boot.
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Are you sure those aren't just part of over-the-knee boots? Those are all over the place this fall. I've never heard of a sock like you're describing, although if you're feeling enterprising, I bet there'd be a market for them for cheapos who don't want to drop $300 on a trendy pair of boots.
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They don't look like socks to me, particularly because they are laced up to her knee.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I also thought it was just one giant boot. But there's an eenie-weenie line just under the knee where the boot ends and the sock begins. Right near where the boot is laced. The "sock" has a different texture than the boot, and it's rumpled.

Unless, well, that seam is intentional and the "sock" is sewn into the boot. I've seen people on the street wear them in the past, but not since I've been looking.

(I have the boots. They are awesome. And so deliciously impractical.)
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sock dreams is the only place i go for socks. i have well over 100. they're amazing and fun.

i agree with everyone else that your picture is one of a boot, not leggings - however, i think these three leggings would look good with that outfit:

for the hardware look

sadly, these only come in white

and crochet
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also: sockdreams is staffed by really nice people - send them the photo - they might know where you can find them.
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Maybe Wolford? They have so many great stockings and leggings.
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Best answer: I'm fairly certain that what you are looking at are thigh-high leather boots and not any sort of socks. If you look at her left leg you can sort of see the zipper going up the inside of the boot. The trouble with vinyl or PVC for this sort of thing is that to be grippy enough to stay up, it's also sort of rippy to leg hairs and/or skin. You might want to go into a different direction and look for thigh high tights under non-thigh high footwear, so something like this or this. Sock Dreams caters more towards the snuggly cuddly sorts of socks but you can find similar stuff searching for "thigh high" and tossing in words like "kink" to avoid the standard fuzzy socks things. Adding the word "leather" will get you stuff that has a more matte finish even if it's not leather. Something like this might look cool or it might look really chintzy up close.

So you can go in a boot direction with something like this (NSFW) specifically maybe "stretch thigh boot" or something a bit less fetish looking like any of these boots.
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Best answer: Margiela makes a pair, actually... if you have an extra two thousand bucks lying around.
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Response by poster: Margiela makes a pair, actually.

Of course. Taste for champagne, money for beer.

Good to know I'm not insane though. Maybe I've seen cheaper versions on the street somewhere. I will not give up.

...bit less fetish looking like any of these boots.

This is exactly the look I'm going for. Thanks guys!
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A search for leather leg warmer on ebay brings up what looks like a knockoff of the Margiela for 17.99, check it out.
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Might want to check Stockingirl along with the reccs for SockDreams and Wolford tights. They're my go-to for luxe legwear, and Stockingirl is a little prissier than SockDreams generally.
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The Stella McCartney ones are full boots, for sale here if you've got a spare thousand.

Target had pleather leggings last winter (very much like these) that are pretty close to what you're looking for, except for being leggings instead of socks.

Oh, here they are.
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Those can't be leg warmers, at least not vinyl or leather. The boots are skin tight vinyl and would be lumpy over those chunky leg warmers. If they aren't part of the boot then they might be garters (for lack of a better phrase). It's possible they are a cire spandex sock/leg warmer which would have a little sheen to it and might not be visible under those boots but I really doubt it.
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Oh, and the term for these is liquid leather.
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Best answer: Too Many Tights sells vinyl-esque stay-ups that would work perfectly! Cheap enough too, just over $40 with shipping from Australia.
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Best answer: Oops, Too Many Tights is the blog, the stay-ups are made by Black Milk clothing.
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Response by poster: Hmmm... really, really trying to stay away from "wet look leggings," latex, vinyl, spandex, or otherwise. Those are easy to find! I'm looking for merely leg-covering, not butt-covering.

However, those stay-ups by Black Milk are as close to what I'm looking for as I've found yet! They look scrunchable to knee height. Thanks, ellieBOA.
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However, those stay-ups by Black Milk are as close to what I'm looking for as I've found yet!

Not a problem, I have got to recommend to everyone else these galaxy leggings, they are fantastic!
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