Recommend a Skype camera/speaker setup for a remote speech therapist
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We live in South America and our son is in need of a native English speaker to work with him on pronunciation. There is no one here who can help, but as luck would have it, we have a relative in the states who is a licensed speech therapist who can help over Skype. We're looking for camera and speaker suggestions for both sides - assuming we have solved the bandwidth issue, is there a camera for a PC that would be ideal for this? Are there other speech professionals who have done this before?
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Buy the headset Skype sells on the site and cameras that are Skype tested are on Amazon.
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I do long distance consultation like this with Skype and work with speech therapists who do this. Really, pretty much anything will work. Make sure the camera has auto focus. The only slight advantage is to have a headset mic that is not placed visually in front of your son's or the speech therapist's mouth. If your son is younger, also make sure that the headset size can be adjusted down to comfortably fit his head. You will also need to make sure that you use locations where there is enough light for an inexpensive camera to display well.
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Telepractice (as it's called) is catching on like wildfire in our profession. Fantastic that you have someone who can help!

Here is some information about telepractice from the governing body for speech-language pathologists. It should give you a good sense of the guidelines that should be followed. I know this person is a relative so it might be okay to be loosey-goosey about particulars, but should he/she have to stop providing treatment and you want to find another SLP to provide therapy via Skype, you should at least know the guidelines!

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