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Urgent-British-Airways-Filter: How do I check in and pay for extra luggage online (cheaper than at the airport)?

The information on the "manage my booking" portal leads me in circles. MY flight is tomorrow and I would like to check in my extra baggage now because its more expensive if i do it at the airport.

Another thing, I bought my flight last year when the allowance was two suitcases. Now it's just one, but i understand that i can still carry two items if the flight was booked last year. It just doesnt state anywhere that I in particular will be allowed to do this.
Will it suffice at the airport if I just tell them this or do they need any proof?

This is an international flight (MEX-LHR) and i will be flying with 3 Suitcases.
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Have you tried both the UK and the US sites? When I connect to from the US, it gives me a choice. Perhaps one works better than the other.
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I haven't flown BA out of MEX, but on AA and pretty much every airline but Mexicana, a lot of the online bells and whistles don't apply so you have to do it at that airport. If trying the US, UK, and Mex versions of the site you can't do it, you may be stuck. Call and inquire since if you can't do it online, they shouldn't charge you for not using a service that doesn't exist.

BA also have been stingy with me and luggage. A bag I carried on all over the world was 1kg too heavy and I had to check it (i think their scale was off by 1kg).
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Follow these steps

- Login your booking using reference code and your surname.
- Among the 3 columns you find after you are logged in, check the right hand side column, Your departure. The second link in the section is "Change your baggage allowance"
- Once you are there, you see your itinerary and your allowed/free luggage allowance.
- If you want to buy more allowance, just choose how many more bags you want to check in by selecting a number in the drop down menu, under "Number of extra bags required"
- Fill up the stuff underneath and agree to the term and conditions.
- On next page, you get a chance to pay and then confirm.

Just look like online shopping to me.
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The problem is, that i dont have the link "change your baggage allowance" there :(
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Find the "contact us" button on the website and ask them. It may be that because you booked before the the allowances changed the current website doesn't quite know what to do with your information.
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ba's solution: Sometimes the website doesnt allow you this option for reasons they do not disclose

I guess ill have to pay the airport charge..! Thanks anyway for your help everyone :)
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