Interesting pinback button crafts
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What creative or interesting things can I do with a collection of buttons and pins?

Over the years I've accumulated a fair number of buttons and pins - mostly the 1" buttons that bands and organizations like to give out, but various other shapes and sizes as well. I'd like to display them in some way, perhaps make something out of them - anything would be better than the jar they're currently in, hanging out with my loose change.
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On Antiques Roadshow, a woman had an old dressmaker's dummy encrusted with vintage brooches. It was amazingly beautiful (and worth a bundle).
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Button brooches?
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Best answer: Attach them all to a large piece of felt, arranged in some way (like by color, size, shape, when you got them) and frame it. If you're really ambitious, you can arrange them in a paint-by-number fashion so that you see a big picture from a certain distance away.
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Best answer: I've done two things with all my badges. First was to pin a bunch of them to the curtains in my bedroom - this looks pretty good but will be a total pain in the ass when I have to wash said curtains one day. The other thing I did was to buy a retro framed print (no glass) from an op shop. You know those super ugly seventies photos of fruit and vegetables? That kind of thing. Then I painted it, including frame, in a flat colour and pinned/glued all my badges to it. I did try the felt thing phunniemee suggests first but found it near impossible to pin them where I wanted them to be and all the same way up.
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Best answer: I had a bunch of buttons, so I made a button clock! Just glue buttons over every one of the numbers on a regular analog clock. Make sure that the buttons are thin enough for the hands to move over them, though.
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Best answer: I've been working on a t-shirt quilt for a thousand years (made up mostly of band t-shirts) and plan to arrange all my pins along the border and hang it up somewhere. You could always just pin them along a big bolt o' cloth and hang that on a wall.
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Button Necklaces?
Here are three tutorials for making them.
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I put mine on the ceiling of my car. They're like stars.. but pointier.
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Just to clarify, Gordafarin... you do mean buttons as in badges, with a pin on the reverse side, don't you? Not ordinary buttons with holes in them?
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Response by poster: Yes, to clarify I mean pinback buttons - the kind with logos and whatnot printed on them. Not clothes buttons.
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My daughter made herself a bag with a long shoulder strap (from an old pair of jeans: cut the legs off, sew each leghole together, and then use one of the legs to make a shoulder strap). She then pinned her favourite badges along the strap.

It was pretty cool, for a then-11-year old's homemade craft project (despite the nauseatingly-repetitive Twilight theme).
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